Small Business Owners (personal and retirement plan services)

Whitener Capital Management, Inc., is a small business. Rick personally understands the demands that come with such a rewarding yet complex way of earning a living. From the beginning, WCM has been focused on small business owners and help by providing support for  their personal financial planning goals and by helping employers provide savings vehicles for their employees. This is a truly comprehensive relationship that is well-coordinated with the other professionals needed to help owners to run their businesses.

Generation X

Our peers are sending kids off to college, hitting their peak earning years, and starting to think about “what’s next.” Our process is built to help identify the common competing financial interests and highlight the key areas of focus during this critical time. Focus on what you are passionate about and lean on us to monitor your financial plan.


As you enter the timeline for retirement, the initial 10 years are critical. There are potential key decisions to be made at age 59 ½, 62, 67, 70 and/or 72. As financial planners, we need to understand how these decisions are impacted by cash-flow needs and your portfolio required rate of return. This group of clients is at the heart of our mission, portfolio longevity.

Young Professionals

Whitener Capital Management does not have a minimum. We enjoy helping new investors at a time when saving is most impactful. We simply ask for engagement and automated savings strategies as we grow together with our younger clients.