Personalized Portfolios

Hiring Whitener Capital gives you the benefit of professional securities management while preserving the ability to customize your portfolio to meet your specific needs and objectives.


You control the objectives and the management style of your portfolio. Whitener Capital applies its experience, knowledge and insight to the day-to-day supervision and management of assets, as well as to the on-going buy-sell decision-making process.


Whitener Capital bases its recommendations upon a systematic investment style that is consistently applied in a calm and objective manner. This provides an important element of discipline to your portfolio.


You will receive a quarterly portfolio appraisal that allows you to view your holdings and their cost and current value, as well as a quarterly performance analysis that clearly illustrates how your portfolio is performing relative to various market indices.

Tax Planning

Since your account is handled on an individual basis, you maintain ownership of all the assets in your account. All gains and losses are yours and are available for you to take, defer, or use in offsetting taxes as best meets your particular situation.

Fee Structure

Our fees are based exclusively upon the size of your account, not the number of trades made. As a fee only advisor, we receive no commissions for the purchase or sale of any financial assets, products or services, ensuring that all of our recommendations are made solely because we believe they are in your best interest.


All of your assets are always held in your name in an insured account with a brokerage company or with a bank or trust company. Whitener Capital holds no customer assets in its name. You give us only a limited trading authority that allows us to complete authorized changes in your account(s).