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Selecting a trusted financial partner to work with is one of the most important decisions you can make for your financial future. Whatever you hope to achieve, it’s our mission to simplify the complexities of your financial life so you can focus on what matters most to you.

A number of common issues impact investors’ abilities to achieve their financial goals:

  • Not having a comprehensive financial plan with specific balance sheet and cash flow objectives
  • Having an overall asset allocation that is too conservative for their long-term goals.  
  • Missing tax-saving opportunities, such as doing a Roth conversion while tax rates are low or year-end tax loss harvesting
  • Reacting to short-term market volatility and making detrimental “sell” decisions based on emotions

If you’re worried about getting or staying on track to reach your financial  goals, we can help by organizing your financial plan and creating a custom investment strategy based on your personal goals and tolerance for risk.  

We’re Here to Help 

We offer a no-cost 30-minute consultation to help answer your questions, learn more about you, the people in your life, and what you want to achieve. 

In our introductory session, we’ll discuss:

  • The things that worry you about your financial future
  • What your vision of retirement looks like
  • Your experience investing in the financial markets 
  • How our process and focus on portfolio longevity  can bring value to your financial life

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Schedule a no-obligation call with our Senior Financial Planner, Doug Suhr, today to discuss your personal situation and our approach in more detail. Doug has been in the industry for over 25 years and has a deep understanding of the issues facing individual investors. Engage today and take the first step in understanding how we partner with our clients and provide clarity and simplicity to personal financial planning. 


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Whitener Capital Management, Inc. is a registered investment advisory firm providing investment advice and financial planning services for individuals, professionals, and business owners in Rhode Island and Eastern North Carolina. The Whitener team is passionate about blending their skills and experience to provide comprehensive financial planning, alongside personalized portfolio design and management. The firm is known for prioritizing relationships and focusing more on the right fit than requiring a minimum asset amount. To learn more about what it’s like to work with Whitener Capital Management, visit